Thursday, May 7, 2009

Knowledge Sharing

"The more you share your knowledge, the more knowledge you get."

This proverb indicates the importance of sharing. People tends to keep their knowledge for themselves thinking that they will be the dominators of it. But the reality is the total opposite. It is by sharing that one would become the master of his thoughts, otherwise he will be captured within his enclosed loop of thoughts.

These are some points demonstrating some of the benefits gained from sharing your knowledge:
- By sharing your knowledge, your not giving it away, you are actually getting others knowledge while they are unaware of that (be it a positive or a negative feedback).
- By sharing your knowledge you are moving it from the passive side to the active side, thus making it more practical and stable in your mind.
- Also, you will be forced to learn how to present your knowledge in a way that does not alter the basic idea, and that will make you appreciate your ideas more, and that in turn will make you more receptive to new ideas.
- And the most important thing is that, you are never going to know the hidden knowledge behind your original idea, and the actual source of the idea.

Friday, May 1, 2009

موضوع هذه المدوّنة


تم إنشاء هذه المدوّنة لكي أشارككم فيها ببعض أفكاري وخبراتي باللغتين الإنجليزيّة والعربيّة, راجياً منكم أن تشاركوني بآرائكم وتعليقاتكم, لأتزوّد منها وأزيدكم بها, ولأحاول أن أستهدف فيها المواضيع والتي يحتاج القرّاء الإستزادة فيها, كما سأحاول أن أعطي بعض الحلول التي قد تتناسب مع مشاكل القرّاء

وكما يُقال:
ضريبة العلم, التّعليم

What This Blog is All About


I have made this blog to share my thoughts and my experiences with everyone in English and Arabic, and to get the readers feedback to improve my posts, and to try to address what the readers want, be it suggesting a solution to a given problem or giving advice in a particular matter.

And as they say,
"The tax of knowledge is sharing it"